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We understand that you may want a little more in-depth help as you are getting started with MailChimp. Perhaps you want someone to create a few custom templates for you, help you wire up your API, or even just handle migrating your lists from another Email Solution Provider (ESP) to ours.

Well, the good news is, as a customer of you can get as much help as you need through  MailChimp’s  Expert Exchange Program (EEP!) and they will even help pay for it.
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Get Your Cost Back

MailChimp tempaltes 50% offGet started with MailChimp Expert Exchange Program and we will reimburse you up to 50% of the cost.

Once your project is complete, we will send MailChimp a copy of your paid invoice. Then we will take up to 50% off your monthly bill for up to 6 months or until we have reimbursed you half of the cost of your project -  whichever occurs  first.

What we do with Chimp

Strategy & Consulting

Custom MailChimp tempaltes Custom Email Templates

•    Best Practices Audit
•    Performance Assessment
•    Competitive Studies
•    Program Definition and Development
•    Testing and Optimization Plan

Email Design & Coding

•    Promotional Emails
•    Custom MailChimp Templates
•    x-Mail Client compatible Custom MailChimp Templates
•    Content Libraries

Sample works

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You may reach us between 0100 hrs and 1900 hrs GMT.

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You may reach us between 0100 hrs and 1900 hrs GMT.


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